"When there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved."

- Mattie Stepanek




Consulting with Care means we understand work is only a portion of our lives.  Important and fulfilling, running a small businesses can be incredibly rewarding, but there's more to life than the 8-5 grind; there's 5:30.  Everyone has a different reason for forming their company, but most individuals don't intend to start a business that keeps them awake at night.  Our foundation is built around our desire to help small business owners breathe a little easier during their work days and when they're off the clock.  

Knowing you have support you can trust helps make all the difference.


We are passionate about providing quality, affordable services to small business owners throughout the Black Hills region.  Small business owners have a variety of specific needs, and we truly understand how important those little things can be.  We specialize in providing dependable project management and website design services that are true to your businesses brand, core values, and clients.  We also provide a multitude of other services, and what we don't provide in house, we have a collaborative team of sub-consultants and freelancers to tackle your specific needs with cohesion (and a little fun).

Our core team started on May 30th, 2013.  We've been working with a wide variety of sub-consultants ever since, to make sure you're surrounded with the most talented professionals around.  

The best way to decide if we're the consulting team for you is to get in touch with us!


Teaming With the Best

A team is only as good as it's weakest member.  With FIVE:thirty, you're getting a rock solid group of companies and individuals who know how to work together to deliver outstanding results. 

Better yet, we all like working together.

Each company is an independent professional or co-op of freelancers.  We each have a deep understanding of small business, yet we collaborate on projects in a way that feels like we're all working under the same company. 

Let us show you how cost effective and easy outsourcing to a team of small business owners can be.