Samantha was very professional and had a ton of great ideas. Our site looks great and is easy to use for our customers. We added a schedule appointment feature, which was used by a customer the first week our site was launched and it turned into a sale!
— J.H
[FIVE:thirty has] Beautiful skills and knowledge in their field. Process was easy and I felt completely comfortable letting FIVE:thirty take the helm and do what they wanted.
— L.H
Everyone we worked with at Five:thirty was professional, deliberate, patient, and helpful. They patiently kept us on track with building our website and taught us how to use it in a way that wasn’t overwhelming. We are NOT technically challenged, even so building and managing a website can be overwhelming for a small business owner. Face it - it’s a pain and it’s not what we were trained to do. Five:thirty took so much of that off our shoulders and prompted us for the things we needed to provide. It was such a relief to know that we didn’t have to figure it out ourselves on top of our regular work. The bonus was that they also are great graphic designers, which is important since we are in a design field. Our website is beautiful, easy to add to, and Five:thirty is there for us if we need help. We couldn’t ask for better!
— Tallgrass Landscape Architecture
I was contacted quickly and every email I sent had a response within hours. I felt reassured that my questions weren’t silly and that my vision would be taken into consideration. They understood my budget limitations as a growing, but small blog and as I am still in school. Working with FIVE:thirty has already allowed my site to be easily found by other businesses who are approaching me for collaborations.
— T.T
Timely deliverables, good communication from team members, and fun meetings where things actually got done. FIVE:thirty was a great partner for our project.
— S.N
Fantastic. Samantha was super patient and nice, very receptive to my feedback and easy to work with. I appreciate the training videos and her willingness to answer my questions so I know how to use the site!
— T.M
We didn’t have to worry about anything. 5:30 working as a prime with the other consultants was a relief, and kept my inbox from being overloaded.
— J.N
Five:thirty was great. It was clear they enjoyed walking us through the processes of our start up business concept, and took time to explain things to me that were probably redundant for most.
— J.F
Working with FIVE:thirty was the smoothest transition I’ve had in
my business.
— L.B
I am so happy with the website that FIVE:thirty designed for me. It exceeded my expectations and provides my student clients a welcoming place to come to for writing instruction and guidance. Sam understood the “feel” I was going for and created a site that is exactly how I would have imagined it. She also spent time clearly showing me how to manage my site, my blog and find the metrics I was seeking. I’m thrilled with the site and will happily refer other clients to FIVE:thirty!
— L.G
Extremely happy! Emails get answered immediately and they are on top of everything concerning our new website. They take the stress out of it!!
This project with them really felt like a team effort.
— C.H
Overall just an easy experience. I didn’t have to worry about anything. Sam understood my vision from the first meeting.
— J.S
Highly personable & professional, stayed in touch extremely often (nearly every day), love that she makes you feel VIP even though you are not her only client. I could go on.....
— B.P
Beautiful skills and knowledge in their field. Process was easy and I felt completely comfortable letting FIVE:thirty take the helm and do what they wanted.
— Peppermint Cleaning Service
I cannot say enough good things. SERIOUSLY. I loved the fun and easy going vibe... I was kind of dreading a meeting of “how to use the website” and it turned into a total blast.
— E.T
FIVE:thirty was incredible during the course of our project. The tutorial videos were such a helpful tool (and unexpected bonus) when everything was finished.
— K.T
Everything went so smoothly and extremely fast, so I couldn’t have asked for anything more.
— Epic Outdoor Advertising
Extremely impressed. Sam was thoughtful, considerate, and extremely helpful walking us through the entire process. She put up with our many random requests, and did everything exactly the way we expected from her.
— H.C
FIVE:thirty took all the stress and pressure out of this project. FIVE:thirty was prompt, thorough and exceeded all expectations.
— L.B
Sam is very easy to work with—also fast and responsive when I asked for changes. I love the creative ideas and love my site!
— D.R
[Working with FIVE:thirty was] Painless. Very professional. Super easy and fast!
— L.I
I also know that in the long run, this site will be better deal for me financially than my previous site because I paid a monthly fee for use of the CMS which I never completely understood...
— D.R

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