How to Social Media when You "Are Your Brand"

In general, I will argue against the concept of “being your brand” in small business. As a human, there’s something sacred about existing, and trying to fit ourselves into a consumable mold for our potential clients or customers is not healthy. That being said, many of us do become the main representatives of our business, and it can feel tricky to figure out how to accurately represent ourselves and our businesses when you throw social media in the mix.

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The explosion of social media over the recent few years has changed the landscape of how we share life together, opened new opportunities of industry, and created new ways to market our businesses.

For all the benefits brought on by social media in general, there's definitely been a flip side. It's hard to "keep up" with social media in every facet of that phrase.

So what are we, the small business owner, to do? Can we navigate this social media age, keeping our business message clear, our integrity in tact, and our sanity afloat?

We think so, but we'll need a loose game plan.

FIRST: Recognize that social media is a great tool for business owners. Try to keep that first in your mind if you're going to use it for advertising. It's not a competition. It's simply a tool. Try to communicate what feels right for your business rather than “stuff” to keep up with your competitors. Post with purpose- Who are you trying to engage? What are their needs? How can you meet those needs?

SECOND: Keep some things sacred. What do you love? What's your favorite thing? What makes you you? Fishing? Football? Your family and children? Hiking, volleyball, faith? Great! Whatever that main thing is, keep it off your business page. It will maintain it's feeling of being "just yours" if you keep it private. Create a hard and fast rule if you have to- "no sharing pictures of the family vacation on the business page" etc. Setting boundaries with your marketing is especially helpful if you’re in a family business!

THIRD: Schedule times completely away. Set a limit on yourself. iPhone now comes with a screen-time built in app that lets you see how much time you've spend on your phone in general, and on certain apps within that time. Moments is a free app you can download that has the same features. Decide to be away from your professional social media accounts on regular intervals. Constant marketing is not good for the soul, and most small businesses depend on a soul to keep running (usually the owners!!).

In this age of connectivity, it can feel challenging to keep up with everything while running your business. With a little practice, we believe you can improve the ways you market your business while keeping yourself sane!

If you need a little help managing social media for your small business, get in touch! We might be able to free your time and help you grow!