Small Business Tools and Apps

At FIVE:thirty, we're passionate about making sure small business owners have the tools and resources they need to make life easier.  

We are in the practice of designing websites that can be easily handed over to our clients so they are in complete control.  As a part of our process, we take the time to train our clients on the procedures and process they'll need to successfully run their new website.

In addition to empowering our clients with more control over their website, we often end up sharing other tools and apps that can benefit their overall business needs.  We've compiled a quick list of some of our favorites for you to try out and see what works best for you!

Project Management:

Trello is pretty much the first app that we end up sharing with all our clients.  We keep track of pretty much everything within this versatile, basic app.  It has several features to bulk up your productivity, like a subscription for your iCal or Google Calendar, the ability to template cards and copy and paste them, and an easy way to collaborate with team members and notify them of activities.  You can easily drag and drop cards to different lists, add checklists to cards, and set due dates, personalized labels, and more!

FreedCamp is another great option if Trello doesn't work with your style.  FreedCamp has a more streamlined look and feel, with several of the same capabilities as Trello, but can be formatted for a "list" style or "sticky note" style.

Wrike project management has a more traditional look and feel for a PM system.

Time Management:

Rescue Time
Rescue Time is an app that runs in the background that can help give you a more accurate picture of how you really spend your time during the work day.  Track meeting times, time spend emailing, researching, etc.

Marketing Resources:

Buffer is a free app that let's you schedule out your social media posts.  If you're looking to post more than 3 or 4 social accounts worth, you'll have to pay for the upgraded subscription, but most of our clients (as well as ourselves) find that the free account provides plenty of account space.  This app is our favorite for the seasons when you need to spend your time doing something other than thinking of 144 characters to post on twitter!  We typically "schedule" our buffer social media posts every other Monday, which cuts down immensely on the daily social media work.

Recommended by one of our affiliated companies, Kristina Barker Photography, Canva is a user friendly app for creating images with graphic design components.  Great for social media posts, general advertising, and special offers or discounts you might be offering your customers!

Pixabay or  Death To The Stock Photo
While we strongly recommend working with a photographer to get custom photo packages, occasionally the need comes up last minute for a place holder photo or image.  There is no shortage of photos online, but beware that many aren't acceptable for your use due to copyright and licensing terms.  Pixabay and Death To The Stock Photo are two of our favorite royalty-free sites, meaning you can use their photos for your own creative purposes without paying (just be sure to read any fine print, no matter where you're getting images from).

Accounting and Budgeting:

If you're not invested in a bookkeeping system already, there are a couple free options that can work for minimal needs:


Pear Budget

Other Business Resources:

Forms and templates, galore!

Frugal Entrepreneur

Other Helpful Resources:

Family Planners

What are your favorite apps or tools for your small business? Share below, and consider working with a team that believes in #ConsultingWithCare in every facet of our work!