Creating a Team

Our passion at FIVE:thirty is small business.  We find ourselves working with smaller companies nine times out of ten.  While bigger businesses and projects are certainly within our capability to provide service to, we thrive on working with the smaller businesses throughout our region.

FIVE:thirty is, after all, a local small business, just like you.  And like you, we enjoy flexibility and customization.  One of our favorite things about working with smaller businesses, is that they understand our style of putting together a team of freelancers and independent contractors to suit an individual project’s need.

Not all projects are the same, nor should all teams be the same. That’s why it’s important to us to be able to design our “coworkers” around each individual’s needs.

We work with a variety of other small businesses owners to ensure that your website design or project management services are completed exactly the way you need them to be.

We create our teams around several key areas:


Every project we undertake begins with a proposal.  Within these documents, we provide financial estimates of the total project cost.  Often times, we’ll indicate that additional services will or may be needed for your project’s specific goal.  Our recommendations for sub contractors or affiliates always take into consideration any budgetary restrictions you express to us.


Not every designer has a look and feel that you’ll resonate with.  Specifically with website design, the photography and graphic design elements are key pieces that make a statement about your business.  We understand that not every design or photography professional has a signature style that will make sense for your brand, and have the freedom and flexibility to choose the right fit for you and your brand identity.

Availability/ Timeline Considerations

As you know as a small business owner, often a freelancers availability can ebb and flow.  Sometimes, you might find a specific photographer that you love, but they have a limited amount of time during your projects estimated completion date.  We make sure to keep in good communication with our subcontractors and affiliates about their restrictions to make sure we’re not going to face any delays in our timeline from the very beginning.


The truth is, not everybody “clicks”.  The beauty of our model is that if a situation arises where your not comfortable working with a certain personality, we can make the needed change!  We take this into consideration before any subs are asked to provide estimates as well.

Of course, every subcontractor or affiliate providing an estimate on a given project is qualified, reliable, and capable of the scope of service needed.  We enjoy creating customized teams around every project in detailed, finite ways, because that’s #ConsultingWithCare